Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF)

Herniated neck pain may be associated with an injury which may cause a fracture and instability or age-related degeneration of the neck bones. Pressure on the nerve roots or spinal cord can lead to numbness and weakness of the arms, hands and legs. Pressure on the nerve roots or spinal cord may be caused by problems such as narrowing of the spinal canal, cervical spinal stenosis, arthritis of the neck or a herniated disc.

An anterior cervical discectomy and fusion is an anterior approach (through the front of the neck) in removing all or part of a damaged disc in order to relieve spinal cord or root pressure and alleviate your pain, weakness, and numbness. Dr. Raskas may recommend surgery to prevent instability and possible paralysis.

How Does this Procedure Work?

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) is a spinal fusion surgery in the cervical spine. Dr. Raskas will make an incision in front of the spine through the throat area. The contents of the neck are gently drawn in, allowing the front part of the spine to be seen. He will use Fluoroscopy to determine the correct level(s) before the disc material is removed. A fusion graft is inserted and a surgical plate is then screwed in place over the fusion level to stabilize the area.

Because every patient is unique and treatment options range from minimally invasive back surgery to advanced surgical procedures, recovery varies greatly among his patients and is dependent on the extent of your surgery, age and health.

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